The truth is, we were just having too much fun with our new clients.

We’ve said it before – we HR. And, we meant it. This year we’ve been partnering with more companies, getting to know their employees and having a ton of fun with their HR professionals. We’re busy customizing new HR suites that fit their unique needs.

And, we’ve got their back.

Although HR Tech is a lot of fun, our clients come first. Our powerful solutions are paired with our “we’ve got your back” service, because, let’s face it, the best technology should never come without the best service. We promised them a partner who serves as an extension of their HR team, and we meant it. We’ve added support to our customer service and operations division with 63 new hires and a total of 78 across the organization. (See, we told you we’ve been busy.)

So far, they seem pretty pumped to be partnering with us.

“We selected Maestro Health primarily for their attention to customer service for our Benefits Team and, more importantly, the employees of HDR.”

- Mark Ellinger, Director, Compensation & Benefits

“We found in Maestro Health the hands-on partner we needed to communicate across physically dispersed locations, each with their own unique needs.”

– Laura Chambers, Director of Office of Employee Benefits

“We found a true partner in Maestro Health, one that can handle high-volume requests and provide guidance for data quality assurance.”

– Brian Usischon, Senior Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services

Check out our University of North Carolina case study.

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We’re also building and expanding solutions for the future.

We’ve attended our fair share of HR conferences. While there, we talked to a lot of HR professionals and we asked them to name their biggest HR headaches—and, we listened. We’re furthering our mission to make employee health and benefits people-friendly again by expanding our solutions to further cure these administrative headaches and provide more time for HR professionals to do the job they really love.

In fact, we’re launching some pretty cool stuff later in 2018 that can significantly lower employer health care costs even more and help make your lives easier. Be the first to find out about our new products in 2018.

Because, you’ve told us what your biggest headaches are...

Did we mention, HR Tech wasn’t in our hometown this year.

Hands down, HR Tech was one of our favorite events last year. (It didn’t hurt that it was just down the street from us.) There was a ton of amazing content and we had a blast bringing it to life with our doodle notes. But, it wasn't in Chicago this year, and as we’ve explained, we were just a bit busy for all that travel.

mBLOG UPDATE: Where’s Maestro?

Rob Butler, CEO, shares some insight into why you didn't see the big yellow booth at this year’s HR Tech.

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Check out our press release to learn how we’re meeting an industry demand by combining the best technology with the best service.

"We’re looking at the constraints of HR teams. We’re listening to brokers and their needs. And we’re saying ‘hey, we’ve got your back’ no matter what."

- Rob Butler, CEO Maestro Health

Customize your own HR suite — all-in or á la carte.

Your company is as unique as the people you . That’s why we offer flexible solutions, designed so you can pick and choose what works for your unique needs.

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